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How it Works

You Choose

Tell us what you like. By letting us know your favorite genres, decades, artists, and styles, you can stop rummaging through crates of vinyl and let us do the work for you.

We Pick & Mail

Our team of listeners will hand-pick 3 albums specifically with YOU in mind. These curated albums are then sent directly to your door with a letter explaining what we picked and why.

You Enjoy!

Once delivered, you can now kick back and enjoy! Each month continue to watch your record collection grow without ever having to leave your house. The true definition of a Record Rat.

What Customers Say

Doug W.

"Record Rat has a great subscription service ... And they only send records based on your preferences..."

Courtney T.

"Even better than last month. This month truly convinced me to continue using your subscription. I can't wait to hear these albums!"

Ruth M.

"Just got in my second shipment from Record Rat and I am super stoked to add these to my collection!"